Health & Safety Policy

Expanse Oil and Gas is committed to the safety and health of its entire employee. It is the personal responsibility of every employee, both ashore and at sea, to work safely. This policy and the procedures contained in the Safety Management System are designed to prevent injury and loss of life and to protect the physical assets of the company and clients.

Our goal is ZERO injuries and incidents.

This goal is realistic and attainable when we are fully committed, at all levels, to make it happen. It is the responsibility of all employees to:

  • Conduct themselves in a responsible manner
  • Use Commonsense
  • Stop unsafe acts
  • Report unsafe conditions
  • Work safely
  • Working safely and adhering to safety rules, standards and regulatory mandates are condition of employment.
  • It is the responsibility of all supervisors to train employees in safe work practices and contingency procedures.
  • It is essential that all employees learn to recognise and eliminate workplace conditions that may result in an occupational health risk, injury or incident.
  • When risk cannot be eliminated, special work processes, safety devices, personal protective equipment (PPE) or other measures must be used to safeguard employees and third parties.

Operating and working safely is good business. It is a benefit to employees, their families and the company.


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